What is EMI? – Ian

We’ll be joining the staff of a group called Engineering Ministries International. EMI is the same group we went with to Nicaragua in February 2015.

So, what does EMI do? Why are you joining them? What will you be doing?

The easiest answer is that EMI is made up of engineers and architects doing what we do best (e.g. nerdy things) to help churches, ministries and non-profits do what they do best (e.g. love people, share the gospel, serve the needy, etc).

In Nicaragua , Laura and I did exactly this — by helping Young Life to develop and expand their retreat center, they are able to host more at-risk Nicaraguan students during school breaks.

We’ll be joining the new EMI Cambodia office to serve our partners across Southeast Asia. I will be the area structural engineer, while Laura will lend her expertise in all things stormwater, environmental, and construction management.

We’re excited to be joining five other design professionals and their families in Phnom Penh (the capital of Cambodia). This group has been on the ground since January 2017 — they’re already tackling language school and making friendships in country.

So why EMI? What makes them special?

There are lots of groups doing good work in the developing world, digging wells or building hospitals. At the end of the day though, any humanitarian aid or development work is only a short-term solution.

EMI believes in “People restored by God, the world restored by design”. So even while we apply our skills as designers, our focus is on people — and specifically what God can be doing to transform them from the inside out.

By partnering with ministries, churches and NGOs, we are a part of meeting both physical and spiritual needs.

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