Meet the Team

Meet the Team — Vicky

Alright, honest confessions time here. Laura and I were just talking yesterday about launching a blog series highlighting each of our team members — unbeknownst to us, the EMI publications team was just wrapping up a little mini-profile on one of them, Vicky Mah.

So I’m phoning this one in. (Mostly because they have such a great picture).

Meet Vicky here

I will add a few things. Vicky has been one of our main points of contact as we join the Cambodia team — filling us in on what’s been happening, giving us advice on what to see during our scouting trip, and being patient with all the dozens and dozens of simple questions that come up in a move like this.

So, Thanks Vicky! You’re awesome!

If you want to know more, head over to Vicky’s blog: