Storyline Fellowship

This morning Ian and I had the privilege of sharing what GOD is doing in Cambodia at Storyline Fellowship, our home church.  Storyline has be our home church for the past couple of years and we have come to love the people and their hearts for those living in Arvada, Colorado.  Ian is involved in the new members class and I help out with the kids.  Today Pastor Ben had us up on stage at the beginning of the service to answer interview style questions.  Where are we going and why?  What will we be doing there?  What does missions look like for those not going?  How can the church pray and support?  It was wonderful to talk more in depth with people afterward.  Also (GOD works in weird ways sometimes) it just so happened that Ian’s childhood babysitter was visiting our church today.  Too funny!  Tonight we will get a little more in depth at the Depot in Five Parks.  Prayers appreciated!