Meet the Team

Meet the Team — Hardricks

These are the Hardricks — Chris, Kayle, Amirah and Layla.

Hardricks packingSometimes, it’s difficult to quantify just how amazing someone is. Chris and Kayle make it easy. How so, you ask?

They moved a family of four across the globe in the bins you see here — plus a checked bag and carry-on each. I don’t know that Laura and I will be able to pack this efficiently, and there’s only two of us!

Of all the team, we’ve spent the most time in-person with Chris and Kayle (actually, I think they’re the only ones we’ve met in person). They’re from western Colorado, so they understand my cravings for Mexican food (or as close as we can get). But even more importantly, they have an incredible desire and steadfastness to serve people in whatever way God puts in front of them.

In the EMI office, Chris is a civil engineer with experience in (and self-professed enjoyment of) project management. He’s going to be invaluable as we get the office rolling and start our design projects in 2018.

Kayle does a fantastic job blogging about what it’s like to transition to a new culture with her family. I’d definitely recommend it —

We’re so glad that the Hardricks are part of EMI Cambodia!