The way our transition to missions has unfolded, we have recently been spending a lot of time with family. (In fact, because of the way we’re rolling out the website, if you’re not digging back through the archives to read this, you’re probably part of our family!).

Part of it was deliberate. Certainly, we love seeing our families. Laura and I both have been blessed with wonderful, functional, Godly families — and all of those aspects show so readily and openly when they gather. So we have been eager to spend time together while you all are a 4 or 6 hour flight away instead of 12 or 16 hours.

We got to spend a great weekend with the Ebersoles in Texas in March — 37 of us gathered to celebrate my Grandparents and their 68 years of marriage

Ebersole Reunion

And in about two months, we’ll be gathering with a bunch of Laura’s family (Puterbaughs) to celebrate our Grandma’s 85th birthday!

Barb Puterbaugh

Even the family we haven’t seen in person, we’ve been talking to a lot as we begin building our support team. And that’s been wonderful — getting to catch up with cousins who we haven’t seen or spoken to (Facebook excluded) for years or even decades.

Some of it has been less deliberate. We got together with the Earley side (my mom Sara Jane’s relatives) last weekend in Virginia to celebrate the lives of my Grandmother and Great Aunt.

Even though we weren’t planning that get together, it’s helped me realize more deeply the truth of the psalm and song so many of us sang this Sunday for Easter — “Oh, death, where is your sting?”. Gloria and Edla both lived full, wonderful, Godly lives and left that heritage to their family. There really is no sting — knowing they are reunited with their Father and my grandfather.

Earley Reunion

I don’t have a tidy end for this post — so I’ll leave it with a verse from Psalms 61:

I long to dwell in your tent forever, and take refuge in the shadow of your wings. For you have heard me, O God; you have given me the heritage of those who fear your name.

Laura and I are so thankful for our heritage and families!