Projects, Why?

Ruby Ranch

Right now, as we’re in the middle of logistics and all of the preparation that goes into our move to Cambodia, I’m finding it easy to lose track of the why behind it — or more precisely, the who.

Our friends in the Nicaragua office just wrapped up a master plan design for Ruby Ranch — it’s a newly developing retreat and ministry center for kids in Managua.

Ruby Ranch 2

Much like Cambodia, Nicaragua is also a country that lags behind its neighbors economically and only recently became politically stable. Because of these pressures (among others), many young people in Nicaragua are aimless — school attendance is low, gangs are prevalent, drug and alcohol use is high.

The group behind Ruby Ranch (Open Hearts International Children’s Relief Mission) is one of a handful of ministries that are working to combat this — by providing after-school programs, tutoring, and scholarship programs — and most importantly, by teaching about the purpose and hope we find in Jesus.

Ministries like Ruby Ranch and the kids they serve are the reason we are doing this.

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