“You are moving to Cambodia?  Oh my goodness!  But don’t you have a puppy?  What happens to him?!?!” I (Laura) get this question a LOT.  After extensive research, it appears that taking Geordi is actually going to be fairly easy.  As a result, he is going on quite the adventure this year.  First he will probably do at least one last 14er before we leave Colorado.  (For those of you not from Colorado, he’s going to hike one last mountain above 14,000 ft in elevation, one of his favorite activities.)  Yes, he can hike the mountain on his own and even wears his own backpack.  In August we have a month of training before we can head to Cambodia.  While we are at the training, Geordi is going to fly to Maryland with Amy to see one of her friends who just so happens to train dogs.  He will spend the month there in his own training.  Then this fall we head to Cambodia!

I think Geordi is going to love Cambodia.  I did check when we visited and people do have dogs as pets.  Geordi has no fur on his little tummy and thinks it is cold around 70 degrees.  He will love the heat!  There will be new smells and new people for him to meet.  He will love it.  My prayer is that having Geordi there also opens new doors for us to start talking to families where we live.  After all, who can resist such a cute face?!?!

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