Meet the Team

Meet the team — Anna

Anna Seeley is another member of our team. A mechanical engineer by training, Anna has been indispensable in the EMI US office for several years because of one of her other passions — graphic design!


In fact, if you’ve gotten the little trifold brochure from us at some point, Anna put that together. Or a more laudible claim to fame, she’s a major part of the communications team that sends out any EMI web or print updates (like Inside EMI)

As you might imagine, Anna has a great artistic eye — which means she takes the best pictures. I’d highly recommend you check those out here. She’s really got a knack for documenting the common parts of life in Cambodia in beautiful and stunning fashion.

We’re very glad to have Anna on the team. And you will be too, at least once I tire you with endless photos of concrete and rebar.