Prayer Update – Summer 2017

Hey everyone — we are so thankful to have so many of you praying for us as we prepare and go to Cambodia this year!

I know a lot of people like to pray for specifics. At least I do. So here are a number of items that we would love to have you praying for in the coming months:

  • This June and July, our full-time focus is on developing a team of ministry partners and supporters. Please pray that God would be providing the right connections — prayer partners, financial partners, and ministry partners.
  • Please pray for our financial support — especially that we will stay patient and encouraged through the process.
  • Please pray for continued wisdom and improvement for Laura’s head. (Details here:
  • On June 2nd, Ian will have laser eye surgery. Please pray for complete correction and rapid recovery. Also, that he will be able to cope with not having glasses on his face for the first time in 20-some years.
  • We will be listing our home for sale in June. Please pray for a quick, smooth sale and that God would bring the right family into this house and neigborhood.
  • We will be attending a month of “culture school” in August. This will prepare us for living and sharing the gospel in different cultures (as well as some language training). Please pray that we would be able to absorb all that we need to know when we depart.
  • Please pray for our team as they continue language school and preparation to launch the Cambodia office.
  • And finally — we’re already trying to figure out how to trim down our possessions to the bare minimum for the move. Please pray for wisdom as we decide which items to take, and which items to acquire in Cambodia. Also, please pray that we’d be able to bless people with the items we don’t take with us.

And if you’re still going strong, here is a prayer calendar which EMI has built for June:
EMI Prayer calendar Jun 2017