Endings and Updates

We’re at a phase of endings in our transition to EMI Cambodia. I (Ian) left my previous job a little over a week ago. Laura leaves her job this week. We’re deep cleaning the house — it will go on the market in about two weeks. And of course, cleaning the house means a lot of clearing out the house — finding new homes for possessions.

Of course, there are some sad moments mixed in there — friends and family who we won’t see again for a while. Coworkers and bosses who we really can’t thank adequately with mere words. Leaving our strawberry bushes right when they really took root and started producing (even if the birds and/or Geordi still beat me to most of the fruit).

But it’s fitting that this happens in the spring time. This is tilling season — clearing out some of the material distractions, paring down to the essentials. Adding nutrients to the right parts of our lives for long-term physical and emotional health in the field. Having discussions with friends about the things that really matter.

Laura and I are excited to see what God grows in this soil.

Side Updates
For anyone who may have missed these updates elsewhere:

Thank you for praying for Ian’s corrective eye surgery. It was successful, and his eyes are healing well. He currently has “functional vision” and it will only improve over the next few months as the eyes continue to rebuild. We are praying that the end result will not require any corrective lenses.

Thank you for praying for Ian’s test back in April! We finally have the results — and he passed both segments. He is now a licensed “Structural Engineer” — a level of professional licensure beyond the “Professional Engineer” (in that field) and that only a few hundred people attain each year. While this won’t have any legal significance in Cambodia, it’s a wonderful stepping stone to have behind us.

Thank you for praying for favor and perseverance as we leave our old jobs and jump full-time into being EMI staff. While Laura still has a few days left (as of the time of this blog), we can see at this point the favor that has been put on us. We have been able to exit our current positions with the blessing and support of our bosses, and having completed everything needed to ensure our previous companies can continue successfully without us. We’re excited to be fully “off the boat” so to speak — and able to commit all of our energy to the new beginnings that are coming.