The Budget

Let’s chat money!!!  As many of you are aware, EMI is made up of volunteers.  As a result, we are only able to go to Cambodia due to the generosity of family and friends.  We put together a budget and are now in the process of raising that support this summer.  We are looking for people to partner with us on a monthly basis.  EMI has a wise policy of not letting people move until we are 100% fully funded.  In fact, we cannot even buy our plane tickets until we are nearly 100%!  That way we don’t get over to Cambodia and OOPS can’t afford to be there!

Our monthly budget is currently $5600 per month.  Approximately 60% of that is living in Cambodia itself, but living overseas comes with other costs that we don’t necessarily think about in our native country.  Some of these include:

  • Work visas and permits (for each of us).
  • USA taxes.  We are considered independent contractors in the eyes of the US government, which means we pay employee AND employer side of taxes.
  • Trips.  Saving to come back home and projects.
  • Independent, international health insurance.
  • Training, including Field Security Training, Mission Training International and a year of language school.

In addition, while we are in Cambodia Ian and I would like to start a family.  Each month we put a little aside in order to be able to adopt.  I don’t know if that will be from Cambodia or one of the surrounding countries (I’m working on details), but this is something we are very passionate about!

Want to hear more about partnering with us?  We would be more than happy to set up a call or meeting with you.  Already planning to partner with us?  There is a ‘Give‘ button at the top of this page.  For those who have already joined our team, we really appreciate you!!!

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