Prayer, Updates

June Update

Hello everyone! We’re back with a series of updates from the month of June:

  • Thank you for your continued prayers as we prepare to serve in Cambodia. We very much appreciate them and appreciate you all. This past month has gone so much more smoothly and with so much more provision than we could have expected.
  • Thank you for praying for the sale of our house. It was under contract less than two days after listing, and we were able to choose between several very good offers. The sale is going smoothly, with no major hiccups or onerous inspection items to negotiate — which is a big blessing.
  • Thank you for all who prayed specifically for our support raising meetings. We have had so many wonderful meetings with old friends and family members, many where God has clearly gone before us to arrange meetings we did not expect (like friends who moved away but happened to be back around at just the right time). He’s also gone before us in many of your hearts — the generosity we’ve encountered has been incredible.
  • Through that generosity, our current tally stands at 40% of our ongoing monthly support, and we have over 30 more friends who have pledged to contribute on top of that amount! As I mentioned in the last financial update, our moving and training costs are also essentially covered!
  • Speaking of giving, our personal EMI contribution page has launched! Check out to set up a contribution toward our monthly support with even fewer steps and links to click!(Plus, now we look even more official — and it’s that much easier to remember and tell friends!)
  • We had two great trips — one to Nebraska, Arkansas, Mississippi and Oklahoma, and one much shorter (to Pueblo). Thank you for your prayers as we traveled — the car and our posteriors all came out none the worse for wear! Geordi even had a great time traveling around with us! (Although I do get a skeptical glance now when I tell him to hop into the back seat).

So, what’s next?

July continues the support raising focus — we’ll be meeting with many of our friends in the Denver and Colorado Springs area.

Of course, we’ll also be finalizing the sale of the house and clearing out — from the end of July until Cambodia, we will either be in training or on the road.

And training! We start a month of culture school and second language acquisition in August. That will be in Palmer Lake, Colorado, not far from home. (In the meantime, Geordi heads to Maryland for some training of his own!)

And lastly, a few prayer requests specifically for July:

  • Support raising — please pray that:
    • God continues to arrange the right meetings — especially as the bulk of our time in Denver draws near to the end.
    • God would continue to act in the hearts of our supporters and partners — especially that they would be able to see the vision that He has put in our heads (but that we cannot communicate as clearly).
    • Most importantly, that God would continue to work in Laura’s heart and mine through this process — that we would be relying on Him more and more!
  • House sale — please pray for continued favor and smoothness so that we can put all of our focus into our meetings and ministry.
  • Please pray for wisdom as we make the final cuts down to our traveling totes — that we would have the wisdom to know what will be needed, the strength to leave everything else, and probably hardest for me, the ability to not second-guess all of those decisions!

Thank you all again for your love, encouragement, and support! We couldn’t be doing this without you!

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