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Medical Update

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “What about your health?”  Cambodia isn’t exactly known for healthcare.  Over a year ago Ian and I made the decision to move, knowing my health wasn’t great.  But we did know that this is what we have been called to do and GOD knows what HE is doing.  In the several years of my amnesia, it has never caused a true emergency.  We planned to manage it in Cambodia the same way we do in the States, with careful planning and managing eating and sleeping.  Doctors in Cambodia can basically do what your family doc can do.  Thailand isn’t far away and they have most excellent doctors, which is what we plan to do for my head.

But as we prepared for this move, suddenly a new doctor was found.  I am super thankful for his determination.  After lots of testing he had done, last week I was diagnosed with Lyme!  Lyme isn’t fun but it’s an answer and it’s treatable.  I was talking to our pastor on Sunday about how cool it was that once we decided to move to Cambodia and trust GOD with the rest, suddenly we were getting answers.  He said he wasn’t surprised and reminded me of the story of Naaman.  He said, you know, often in the Bible you had to actually get into the Jordan River to be healed.

I don’t know why I had to battle Lyme for so long, but I do know it has made both Ian and I stronger.  I am excited for this next chapter in our lives, both for Cambodia and for healing and I trust that GOD knows what HE is doing!

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