Second Language Acquisition

We are in Colorado Springs for training!  The first two weeks are second language acquisition class and the second two weeks are culture class.  Phonetics has been hard but lots of fun!  Our mouths can now make sounds that I did not know were possible, but are evidently common in many languages around the world.  I have also learned a lot about the English language and why we say things the way that we do.

Today they needed a volunteer for a demonstration, so of course Ian volunteered.  The kids were very excited to be able to participate in this one and pull the strings around Ian’s waist.  There is another, very little “Ian” here that just thinks my Ian hung the moon and wanted to participate in the demonstration with him.  We are really enjoying getting to know the people here!

Beginning tomorrow we are learning how to work with a language helper.  The idea is to practice techniques to help with acquiring a language but to do that, you have to have a language to work with of course.  We have each been assigned a language.  Ian will be working with Marathi and I was give Mandarin.  Yes, these were assigned but I am really excited to try Mandarin (ask me tomorrow after I try it if I feel the same way).

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