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August Update — drawing nearer

O Lord , You have searched me and known me. You know when I sit down and when I rise up; You understand my thought from afar. You scrutinize my path and my lying down, And are intimately acquainted with all my ways. Even before there is a word on my tongue, Behold, O Lord , You know it all.

Psalms 139:1‭-4

August is already gone (how?!) — and it was an exciting, wonderful month in our journey to Cambodia! Here are a few updates from the month:

  • Thank you all so much for your encouragement, prayers and generous support! We are drawing nearer to our departure in so many ways, and that’s only possible because of all of you!
  • Of course, the most tangible way we are seeing daily progress is in our financial support. As of the end of the month, over 84% of our ongoing financial support has been committed (and our startup fund is fully stocked)! We are getting very close to the 90% mark when we can set a departure date — just about $300 per month to go!
  • Also, we have completed our last stateside training and evaluations. This means we are clear to depart as soon as we find our last few financial partners. If you haven’t been following Laura’s blog posts from MTI, you should! We have a few more stories still to tell, but in short, it was a wonderful time with very challenging but incredibly valuable classes.
  • Just as valuable (in my mind at least) was the chance to spend a whole month living with missionaries from all over the US, each from different missions organizations, and going all over the world. Most are leaving for their target country in the next month or two like us (some have already arrived!) — so we all could relate easily to the challenges of starting missions life. (“Oh, I just said goodbye to my parents / just sold my house / have been living out of my car… too!”). We made some great friends and are excited to follow their journeys as we start ours!
  • We are seeing small improvements as we progress with Laura’s Lyme treatment. We’ve also now identified the secondary effects that are occurring in her body, and have a plan to address those. Praise God for answers to the mystery and all the wonderful medical professionals who are helping us!
  • We were blessed to be sent out last Sunday by our home church in Arvada, Storyline Fellowship. Storyline has been a wonderful home for us while we lived in Arvada, full of good friends and families we’ve grown to love.
  • Geordi has returned from his month in Maryland! He had a great time, and became really good friends with the other animals in the house (there were even stories of 2am games of tag with the cats). Granted, he’s still learning to love air travel.  But we’re all very glad to be reunited.

    Laura and Geordi saying farewell to his favorite dog park

What’s next?

  • Throughout September, we are focusing on spending time with our immediate families. Please pray for good goodbyes as we depart.
  • We also continue meeting with supporters as we close in on the 90% goal (and after that, full funding). If everything continues as it has so far, we’re shooting for a departure date at the end of September or beginning of October.
  • We are also diving into all of the logistics needed for the move — finding an apartment, finalizing travel papers and insurance, etc.

Prayer Needs

Thank you all for your prayers! If you are interested to know more specific ways to be praying, here are a few ideas!

  • Please pray for those affected by flooding across Southeast Asia.
  • Please pray for our family members as we begin our last round of goodbyes.
  • Please continue to pray for Laura’s Lyme treatment — we want to kill off as much of the disease as possible before our full-time language school starts in November!
  • Please continue to pray for our financial support. We are incredibly blessed in the generosity that we have been shown this far — and are so thankful for all the partners God has raised up to stand beside us. Please pray that God would continue to go ahead of us in the hearts of those he is raising up to partner with us!
  • As we get close to finalizing our support partners, pray that we (OK, mostly Ian) would continue to find peace and patience in God’s timing of it all.
  • Please pray for wisdom, favor, and faith as all of our logistics fall into place (like the Psalm says, God knows all our ways, our path and where we lay down — even when we don’t yet!).
  • Please pray for our teammates as they continue their language studies and preparing to open the new office.
  • We hope to have a Cambodian join our EMI team in the next month or two. Please pray for wisdom and God’s hand guiding that decision.

Also, here is the EMI prayer calendar for September. This will walk you through a quick prayer for each day related to what EMI is doing that day around the world!

Thank you all so much for your support and prayers! We are so blessed by you!

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