Markin’ the Path

Hi adoring fans! Geordi here. I think it’s time to put a few things in perspective…my perspective!

Recently I had the opportunity to expand my vast domain.  Let’s start with the airport.  Amy took me to claim two airports: Denver and Baltimore.  She took me to a strange and wonderful place with another huge dog who looked like me, but she was a GIRL!  It took me a few days to figure out if it was okay to play with a girl–do they like the same games as boys? I quickly realized she was a great source of warmth, so I suppose she was okay.  There were also two cats who would play tag with me at 2am.  Tag is my new favorite game. I wondered if my parents would ever come back, but they eventually took me to claim Pueblo. When you have a growing domain, it’s important to keep conquering.

In Pueblo I met many new people who realized how many snuggles and scratches I truly deserve and gave me plenty.  Unfortunately, I could tell many people wanted to kidnap me. I stayed close to Mom so they couldn’t get me.  Better to be safe!  The nice people did take me to a large rushing water place so I could add that to my domain as well. My territory is rapidly expanding.  On the downside, they made me take a bath!!!  I smelled like roses before Pueblo but my parents made me have one anyways.  Gross.  One the plus side, Mom slept A LOT here (I overhead someone say “new meds” and “sleep needed”).  I made sure to guard her with my life every time she had her eyes closed. Should anything happen to me, I trust she would rule my domain in my stead, so it’s important that I keep her safe.

IMG_20170905_085736937Currently I am adding to my domain in Boulder, with my favorite Amy.  She makes lots of funny noises when she talks to me and kisses me lots and is always good for snuggles.  It smells a little weird in Boulder, kind of like skunks, but I don’t mind.  Skunks are nice to you if you are nice to them. We got to watch my favorite show here with the orange and blue people who run around on a bunch of grass.  It’s my favorite because my whole family sits in the same room together while we watch them.

Although I don’t like cars anymore (cause who knows where we will be when the car stops?!), my parents say if I am good I can visit my cousins Tucker and Otis.  When I Skype with Tucker, he says there are ferocious Bambies infesting his yard that he needs my help to fight.  I haven’t told him yet, but when I win the Bambi wars I shall claim Utah as my own. Then, before Tucker realizes I have stolen his territory, I shall return to Colorado to visit Otis.

I keep hearing my parents talk about this magical land across the Big Water where it is forever warm.  I think that a land that is always warm must be a delightful fairy tale, but on the off chance it is real, I plan to claim it as my own!

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