All the puzzle pieces

The last week has been a bit of a whirlwind.

We reached 90% monthly support — which is the threshold we needed to reach to set a departure date for Cambodia. That unlocked a bunch of other pieces of the puzzle:

  • We were able to book flights — flying from Denver to Phnom Penh. We’ll arrive on October 6th, just in time for a weekend with our teammates (that is, presuming we aren’t horribly jetlagged!)
  • We were able to secure our medical insurance — it works mostly like insurance here in the US, but is structured to be used internationally.
  • Just today, our teammates in Cambodia were kind enough to take time out of their weekend to scout out an apartment for us! There are a few options on the table, but this one would be pretty ideal for us, and in easy walking distance from our language school.
    view from balcony
    The view from our potential balcony
  • And we have registered for language school, starting in November! It was important for us to have some time between arrival and starting classes — both to get our household rhythm figured out, and so that we can implement all of the language learning tools we learned at MTI!

Of course, we’ve also been busy spending time with our families before we depart! We spent just over a week in Pueblo with Ian’s parents, and had our Aunt and Uncle join us for a few days as well. And now, we’re spending a little over a week in Utah spending time with Laura’s parents!

It’s been a bit crazy and tough to keep up — but it’s also wonderful to see all of the ways God has this puzzle coming together!

Shameless plug — we have currently raised 93% of our monthly support. We need to hit 100% before we can step onto that plane on October 6th. That’s under $400 per month in pledges. Will you be one of the last pieces of that puzzle? Sign up at www.emiworld.org/Ebersole

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