We are here!

We are here and loving it so far!  Thanks for your patience and giving us time to settle in away from the blog.  This last month has been craziness of settling in, finding our way around and learning new things.  Even though we don’t officially start language school until next week, that hasn’t stopped us from meeting with language helpers four times a week!  Already we can pick out a few words around us and give directions to the tuk tuk drivers in Khmer.

Most importantly, thanks to some of our teammates, we have found an awesome church that is in both Khmer and English.  We love the people there!  An engineering project that needed the help of a structural engineer has already come up so Ian has been very busy.  Geordi has been busy too, trying to convince the neighborhood dogs that he just wants to be friends.  I’ve been finding my way around the markets, figuring what’s available and how to buy it.  There are so many different varieties of fruit alone, I can’t wait to try all of them.

We miss everyone back home.  Our email addresses are still the same or you can reach us on WhatsApp.  Feel free to send us a message.  We love you all!

1 thought on “We are here!”

  1. So glad to hear things are working out well for you both (and Geordi)! It always starts feeling more like home when you can find a church you like in a new place. Love and hugs to you both,

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