Falling in Love

The other day I was going past one of the embassy’s and saw a small group outside.  While the parents were waiting in a line, the kids were having a blast imitating and following the security and police in the area.  The guards were very patient with them and one was leaning down to hear what the child was explaining to him.  It was a sweet sight.  Not long after, at the market I saw a man without legs begging from a wheelchair, a common sight here unfortunately.  A young man came over an gently helped him up and arranged a shirt behind him to make him more comfortable.  I was struck by his kindness.

The longer I’m here, as things are finally coming out of the whirlwind of being in a new culture and into the focus of settling in, I am struck by how warm and friendly the people are in Cambodia.  Even though we don’t speak the same language [YET], they are quick to offer help to a complete stranger.  The Khmer are a loving and wonderful people and I am excited to get to know them better.

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