Kingdomcity Phnom Penh

In our last newsletter, I mentioned the fact that our church here in Phnom Penh had a big weekend recently. But I haven’t written much about the church itself.

When we first arrived, getting connected to a church was a high priority item. We wanted to find a church that was actively loving people in the community, one that was nearby and accessible and one with a small group structure. And we wanted to find a church that was culturally accessible for Khmer. (There are several great “expat churches” in PP, which we’ve attended and fully enjoy — but we wanted our home church to be a place where it’s apparent just from looking around the room that Jesus came to save Khmer and westerners both).

We attended Kingdomcity our second day here and never looked back.


Kingdomcity started in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) almost 12 years ago. (In fact, some of my good friends from college have been attending KC-KL for several years). But as is reflected in the name, Kingdomcity is intentional about spreading God’s kingdom throughout the world. They’ve planted churches in 7 different countries across Southeast Asia and around the world. Four years ago, that included a church in Phnom Penh.

Services are in both Khmer and English — most songs go back and forth from chorus to chorus, and sermons are translated (often in very impressive fashion by the pastor himself). The youth program and a leadership academy are full of passionate young Khmer diving deep into knowing and trusting Jesus. During an event last year, over 400 people were mobilized from Kingdomcity churches around the globe for a week of service, prayer and evangelism in Cambodia. And we’ve connected with so many great Khmer and expat friends even in our few short months here.


This past weekend, Kingdomcity Phnom Penh moved into a new building — a warehouse that has been converted with two auditoriums, a greeting area, office spaces, and all of the equipment that makes running services that much easier. During the grand opening, nearly 1000 people came for the service on Friday night (plus several hundred on Sunday) — regulars, curious visitors from the community, and local dignitaries alike. It was a great time of worshiping God together and celebrating what He has done.

And that’s just the start — we’re excited to see what He has planned for 2018. Further up and further in!


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