Calling for Recipes!

We often get asked what is the food like in Cambodia?  Aside, of course, from all the delicious smoothies!  Khmer food resembles, though is not the same as, Thai and Vietnamese food.  Tea and coffee are both readily available.  A soup (pictured above) or fried rice is a common breakfast.  I love how piping hot and fresh everything comes out! Fried noodles are another common food.  Other than Kampot pepper and lime, most food does not use many dried spices.  The flavor comes from the food itself or the sauces.  Cheese and dairy products are very uncommon.

At one point in time, Cambodia was a French colony and you can find the French influence in bakeries.  No random pastries here!  Everything is made on site and those croissants are real!  We love our baguette dudes across the street.  The line is so long in the wee hours of the morning as people get bread for their restaurant.  However, most homes and apartments do not have an oven, including ours.  Khmer food is typically made in a wok.

Not having an oven (or cheese) is a new experience for us.  We would love to hear your favorite skillet or wok recipes!  Feel free to shoot us an email or give us a recipe in the comments!

P.S. No really, we would love, love, love to try some new recipes!!!!

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