Together Across the Distance

Homesickness.  Personally, the hardest part of living across the world is not the new culture but missing our wonderful family and friends.  This weekend my family was participating in a 5K race for St. Patty’s day.  When I heard, I was very excited for them, but also jealous.  Amy and I started doing 5K’s a couple years ago as a challenge, a way to hang out and because we love swag.  The best 5K’s were when the family joined in! To learn more about why we do 5K’s, read Amy’s story here.  Now that I am in Cambodia, Bethany has joined in and goes with Amy to the races.  This weekend my mom joined in too and supported Amy as she wheeled her way through her second 5K completely by herself!  She is my hero for never giving up no matter what!

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-18 at 5.57.04 AM.jpeg

I may be across the world, but I will always support my sisters!  We were in Kep province this weekend, so Ian and I made our own 5k course along the sea coast — very different from Colorado this time of year, but just as beautiful. Of course, Geordi was eager to show his support too!

Part of what made this special though, was that we were with two friends for the weekend, Thom and Nancy. They’ve been in Cambodia for the past three months, volunteering with several ministries around the country including EMI. When we told them of our plan, they didn’t even hesitate to jump in and do it with us. We’ve really loved getting to know them while they’ve been here in Cambodia, and this just solidified what we already knew in our hearts — that they’ve become part of our family too.

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