Becoming Home

“Hey, look over there!” We were in a tuk tuk headed to a teammate’s house on Saturday when suddenly Ian starts pointing out the side excitedly.  I looked over and by the side of the road I see a couple people with huge grins standing beside an orange juice cart.  My first thought is, “those people look familiar,” followed by, “wait, those are friends from church!”  Sure enough, some friends of ours have an orange juice stand on the entirely opposite side of town.  We asked our driver to pull over and stopped to chat and of course, have tasty orange juice made from Khmer oranges!  (Khmer oranges are very different from what I am used to, including the fact that they are green, not orange. But the juice is still delicious!)

Events like this are starting to happen several times a week.  In addition to this one, Ian is going moto shopping with another friend from church this week.  I had a girl from school pull up while I was walking and gave me a ride to school.  I guess it’s suddenly hit me just how many people we are getting to know here.  It helps make Cambodia feel even more like home!

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