Meet the Team

Meet the Team — Neth

As I mentioned in our last email newsletter, we’re excited to begin introducing our Khmer team members. Back in January 2017, five families from North America stepped off their planes and began lives in Cambodia. Laura and I joined them later that year. But the goal was never to have a bunch of westerners living and working in Phnom Penh by ourselves. From the beginning, we knew that we both deeply desired and really needed to find Khmer team members with the same heart for using design to serve God’s people.

Enter Neth (pronounced Nate).

Neth has been a part of our team for several months now, and I can honestly say we wouldn’t be anywhere near as far along as an organization without him. He’s officially our Office Administrator, which means he does everything. Whether it was navigating the legal documents we needed, helping find and prepare the office (including pulling lots and lots of network cable), being our go-to cultural and language expert, or literally dozens of other things, he’s been a huge help!


But beyond how critical to the team he has been, Neth and his wife Ata (plus daughter Natasha) are fantastic people as well. The faith, joy, and devotion that shows in their lives is unmistakable. I really hope we’ll get a chance to tell their story in another blog post.

I’d be remiss not to mention that Neth and Ata both have a big heart for worship music, and lead worship teams at a thriving church here in Phnom Penh. They actually just released a new album — here’s one of the songs:

Meet the Team

Meet the Team — Gambles

Chad and Shanthi Gamble are the leaders of our EMI Cambodia team. Along with their kids (Nathan, Chesna, Miriam, and Moses) they have more international living experience than the rest of the team — probably several times over.

Chad is a civil engineer, and has a long history with EMI. In fact, Chad and Shanthi helped launch the EMI Uganda office back in 2003. At that point, EMI Uganda was the 5th international office — it has since grown to be the largest and most prolific field office — just as large as the combined US and Global HQ offices in Colorado!

I wish you could meet the Gambles yourselves. But I think the next best thing is to read the article from Inside EMI here: Gambles Inside EMI Article

Gamble Inside EMI Cover

And of course, you can follow their ongoing adventures here.

Meet the Team

Meet the team — Anna

Anna Seeley is another member of our team. A mechanical engineer by training, Anna has been indispensable in the EMI US office for several years because of one of her other passions — graphic design!


In fact, if you’ve gotten the little trifold brochure from us at some point, Anna put that together. Or a more laudible claim to fame, she’s a major part of the communications team that sends out any EMI web or print updates (like Inside EMI)

As you might imagine, Anna has a great artistic eye — which means she takes the best pictures. I’d highly recommend you check those out here. She’s really got a knack for documenting the common parts of life in Cambodia in beautiful and stunning fashion.

We’re very glad to have Anna on the team. And you will be too, at least once I tire you with endless photos of concrete and rebar.

Meet the Team

Meet the Team — Wassenaars

The next installment of our “meet the team” series — Colin and Kathleen Wassenaar!

Really, the picture above has so many great elements. The Wassenaars are Canadian (notice the flag placement), and love cycling. In fact, Colin has inspired me to attempt as much transportation in Cambodia as I can by bike. Including cargo.

As it turns out, Kathleen is the staff member of the couple. Her specialty is geotechnical engineering, so you all know that I’ll be trying to learn as much as I can from her. Hopefully, she’ll even let me help with a few test pits. But on top of that, from her expression in this picture alone, I think it’s clear that she and Laura should become good friends quickly:


Final fun tidbit: I recently discovered that Kathleen and a friend of mine (Evan Forbes) went on an EMI trip together a few years ago. Evan and I went to Colorado School of Mines together — in fact, his involvement with EMI was part of how I come to know about them.

Of course, if you want to follow along with the Wassenaars, check out their blog: