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Current Support-Raising Status



More about financially supporting Ian & Laura:

Well — whether you’re a financial nerd (like me), or just want to make sure your support dollar is going to be used well (like I would) — you’re here. This page is going to be all about the financial support Laura and I will be depending on for our work in Cambodia.

 First off — why raise support? Why not just be “tentmakers”?

When God first gave me the vision of using engineering in the developing world to spread the Gospel — I’ll admit, I thought “wow, how practical!”

I like practical. So it was an easy jump for my imagination to figure out how being an engineer would let me serve God, serve people, and pay my own way to do it! I wouldn’t need to depend on anyone else. How fantastic!

Some people do that — it’s true. But before we launched out, we decided to tap the wisdom of several veteran missionaries who are close friends of ours. And what they said changed my outlook entirely.

As I’m learning, raising support isn’t about the money.

Raising support isn’t just a nice euphemism for asking for donations after all. It’s really about all facets of support. Financial support yes, but just as importantly, spiritual, relational and emotional support. The bible has examples throughout that demonstrate the value God has placed on going through life together — so we have chosen to go through this new phase in life side-by-side with all of you, reliant on all of you.

We would be honored if you decide that the work Laura and I will be doing in Southeast Asia aligns with your family’s values. We value your partnership and support — in every different facet.

What is your support goal/budget?

Our monthly budget is $5,500. This includes everything — cost of health insurance, US and foreign taxes, living expenses, and our costs to be effective in country.

How much should we give?

The amount of your financial support is something you should prayerfully consider with your family. We are asking that families each consider covering between 1-2% of our monthly budget, so between $55 and $110 per month.

As you are able, we ask that you consider partnering with us for ongoing monthly support, as that is our biggest need.

Can I give electronically using a credit card?

Can I give electronically using a bank account?

Can I set up a recurring monthly gift?

Yes. Any of these options can be carried out using the give link.

I would prefer not to give through electronic transfer. Are there other options?

Yes. Physical checks need to be accompanied by a “commitment card” that tells EMI how you want your donation to be designated. You can print one out from the EMI website (and write in account #2211) , or let us know and we will send a pre-filled card to you!

Can I donate stock? Or designate a CFC contribution?

Absolutely. Follow this link to see other options for giving.

I’d like to give in another way.

No problem. Just contact us here, and we’ll sort out the details together.

Are donations tax-deductible?

Yes, EMI is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, so any donations made through EMI are tax deductible in the United States.

Are there overhead costs and fees?

EMI does not take any overhead costs out of staff donations — every dollar you give designated for our account makes it to us.

Am I giving to EMI or to you?

For tax and legal reasons, donations made through EMI become the property of EMI. EMI commits to passing along every designated dollar according to your instructions.

Why give through EMI? Can I just write you a check?

We prefer you offer your financial support through EMI for three reasons:

  1. Our other supporters do so through EMI, so having it all in one place makes it easier for us to keep track.
  2. As part of their oversight and care for Laura and me, EMI tracks our incoming support to make sure it will meet our expected budget and upcoming costs. (We all want to make sure Laura and I can be focused on serving, not where the next check will come from). Independent gifts will not be counted toward EMI’s metric making sure we stay financially healthy.
  3. Laura and I are not a registered 501(c)(3), so any gifts given directly to us will not be tax deductible for you.

Who are you accountable to?

Besides the internal accountability offered by the EMI organization (including staff in the US and our office director in Cambodia), Laura and I have established a team of veteran missionaries, pastors, and friends who will be keeping us accountable along the way.

Who is EMI accountable to?

EMI is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), and have internal and external financial controls in accordance with that group.